Agency Initiative


Birthing a virtual human and then bringing them to the IRL world. 9 months was all it took to become parents… of a virtual human (sike!). 
Our child, Cinder (they/she), was birthed from brainstorms, discussions, and experiments. Their like was painstakingly crafted; their persona, carefully built; and their story, meticulously written—all thanks to a collective made up of a copywriter, art director, planner, creative technologist, and 3D specialist. Everything from Cinder’s seemingly aimless debut on social media, to the reveal of their evil fictional creators and their real-time “escape” in a 15-hour Twitch subathon, was thought up by us, Cinder’s real creators, who are of course, not at all evil.

We loved Cinder so much, we thought why not bring them to the IRL world? And so, we did. Cinder made their IRL debut at the largest tech and innovation events in the world, SXSW 2023, where they became a mixologist, waiter, and live game host at a special food-truck-turned-bar. They took orders, served up drinks, snapped selfies, danced, and chatted with people—all in real-time—and people just drank it up.

Bringing our virtual child to SXSW...