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Jewel Makes It Amazing

Jewel, Pitch, 2020 Team: Mateusz Mroszczak (ECD), Raul Palhares (ACD), Kelvin Gan (AD), Nicole Kee (CW)

Months after Jewel's spectacular opening which attracted both locals and tourists alike, the stellar destination found many of its stores without customers, lacking footfall. People were only visiting Jewel to get a glimpse—and maybe an Instaworthy photo—of the famed Rain Vortex and that's about it. Our task was to get locals to head over to Jewel for reasons beyond the Rain Vortex and spend at Jewel too. The ultimate goal was to turn these said local into repeat visitors.

To do that, we needed to show that Jewel wasn't like any other mall. We did that by playing on the tension between the amazing spectacle that is Jewel, and the everyday activities it has to offer.