Brownes Dairy

Easy Cheesy Cheesies

A delectable earworm paired with fun key visuals to get mums and kids hooked on easy cheesy snacking. Successfully launching a new snack for kids in the already overcrowded snack aisle of supermarkets was a tall order. And it’s a cheese product for markets that are biologically not attuned to lactose? Cheese-us (🥁). How were we going to convince not just picky kids but picky mums to try cheese on a stick?

With an almost annoyingly catchy jingle and eyecatching key visuals, we made sure that overprotective mums knew that Cheesies weren’t just healthier and more nutritious than your average snack, but yummy and satisfying for even the pickiest of kiddos too. We positioned Cheesies as the healthy solution for every kids’ hangry tantrum.